About Vestio

Vestio is a one-stop wealth management system that offers comprehensive coverage and complete automation of the entire investment chain. Catering to the comprehensive needs of investment companies, wealth managers, traders, hedge funds, and family offices by presenting effective management, monitoring, and control of their core operations.

It’s a cost-effective system that enables wealth management companies to consolidate their activities under one single comprehensive platform capable of Straight-Through-Processing. Additionally, the solution is highly scalable allowing optimization of processes within organizations of different sizes and structures.

Moreover, Vestio provides different departments with their preferred tools including modeling, benchmarking, rebalancing, index pricing, risk calculators and ad-hoc compliance tools. Front-to-middle to back-office, Vestio assures integration with trading engines(like ROR) and depository containers (like accounting).  

Vestio has been designed to be extremely flexible and dynamic. It utilizes international best practices where applicable in its workflow, keeping in mind the increasingly complex regulatory framework within which it must operate. Vestio complies with most of the regulations in force from different regulatory bodies, specifically in the GCC.

Offering decision-makers the benefit of an advanced set of analytical tools and reports integrated within our software. Allowing simultaneous manipulation of mutual funds, fiduciary accounts, as well as proprietary portfolios. The systems’ automation and calculated programming, along with a strong set of portfolio management and analytical features are characterized by a short learning curve and an effective data migration at implementation.  

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Discover our modern and effective solutions for private banks and financial institutions such as asset managers, fund managers and family offices. Our out-of-the-box solutions enable our customers to build smarter businesses, improve customer satisfaction and generate higher returns.