Qualified Broker Solution is a multi-market online trading platform which is a fully integrated eco-system of products designed to enhance the stock trading experience through various tools and interfaces. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with other international markets through Bloomberg and Reuters ROR.

Vestio offers a responsive UI/UX that is easy to use. Every feature on the platform is accessible in a few clicks at the most.

Vestio offers advanced trading tools and innovative technical analysis to help excel at decision making.

Vestio offers risk management tools to eliminate unwanted risk-associated costs.

Place & sell orders across multiple markets in real time, check portfolios, get live stock quotes, customized watch lists, access market news, and track indices.

Suitable for various asset classes and markets. The solution combines Forex, Equities, Futures, Bonds, Options, CFDs and Spread Betting in DMA mode.

Vestio provides its end users with desktop, web and native mobile trading terminals with a wide array of tools for a variety of instrument types and trading styles.

Vestio Broker's Suite is able to employ any market data vendor, liquidity provider or exchange connection to facilitate trading.

Can be integrated with international markets via Reuters (ROR) & Bloomberg.

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Order management & trade processing module enables the entire trade process for the financial markets activities and payment transactions to be conducted electronically. That is done by executing pre- ...


Performance measurement and attribution add fundamental value to decision-making, just as achieving consistent data and comparable results. Vestio offers a diverse set of performance measurement and analytic tools which empower wealth managers and add value to the investment decision-making process. Offering wealth managers, a crystal-clear view of the drivers of portfolio performance as well as in-depth performance analysis at every decision-making level. Hence, allowing value to be added to the investment process with every decision.


Vestio provides a powerful credit and market risk solution, addressing a multitude of risks including price, volume, volatility, quality, delivery counterparty, credit, and multi-currency, with a full ...