Accurate data is crucial in the financial world. A small error in a portfolio or financial statement can lead to lasting consequences thus precision in the work of an asset manager is essential, but challenging without the right tools. Vestio offers a set of tools to illuminate human error and automate the entire corporate action process. Allowing millions of corporate action processes, varying from dividends to acquisitions, to be processed is a hassle-free automated manner. Avoiding value loss and pitiable trading decisions as a result of false account entry.




Vestio allows you to address the challenges of ever-increasing volumes of corporate actions offering tools to monitor the full CA process with a flexible set-up of daily workflows.

Maximize Efficiency

Improve data integrity by automating and centralizing global CA data to reduce risk and improve efficiency; making cumbersome aspects of CA management easy.

Reduce Risk

Eliminated operational risk by eliminating the risk of human input error. Use tools to monitor the entire process including voluntary and mandatory actions, interest and dividends, etc.

Exception Handling

The automated system allows easy creation of custom-made exceptions which the system automatically abides by, ensuring all exceptions are accounted for.

Workflow Visibility

Vestio offers a transparent overview of the entire corporate actions process, reducing operational risk and automating manual processes.

Reduce Operational Costs

Automation of workflows for the entire CA process will cut the cost of manual work and reduces operational risks and associated costs.

Flexibility & Scalability

Exercise CA on an enterprise, sub-custodian, account group, or account level improving processing efficiency. With over 80 action types against all securities products as such as (FI, Equities, Futures, Options etc.).

Improved Client Service

Improving customer service through automated identification, investigation and tracking of claims.