Vestio Trading Tools

Vestio Trading tools are an additional dimension to the Client Portal introduced by adding extended functionality to the users of the client portal by giving them the ability to perform trades via the portal interface. The parties who will be able to benefit from this new trading functionality are financial institution’s clients or their associates as well as VESTIO users.


  • The full power of purchase control (currency level)
  • Validation on sale
  • MDF level 1 and level 2
  • Interaction / validation with PF position
  • Trade & follow up using multiple PF
  • Trade using multiple brokers / multiple markets & multiple currencies
  • Executions reflected directly to BO and users PF
  • Assure multiple MDF source
  • Unified client watch list
  • Responsive design
  • Administration on the web for using the module and in the BO for trading on the PF
  • Uses existing setup of trading at the organization
  • Uses ROR or HUBS at the organization
  • Uses setup of brokers
  • Compatible with mobile devices


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